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Jesus i sketched this such a long time ago i cant believe i never posted it.
I did this a few months back and never posted it, so here we go. I improved greatly in drawing chest muscles from this piece which should be observable in the rest of the work I post in the future.
Watching them watching you
I see and know all you do
Through time I wait and abide
Waiting for my moment to rise
You should've known you cannot hide
From my all seeing eye
Through your mistakes I shall return
And this reality will burn
When gravity falls and earth becomes just sky
beware the beast with just one eye


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Jaeden Azriel
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What we have here is a page created months ago and never used because I tend to use my FA more than anything. Let's change that. Number one: I'm batshit insane. Number two: I like Taco Bell and Number Three: I want to eat your face because it looks tasty. NOW THAT THAT'S OUT OF THE WAY...

I will rarely use DA for anything else except for reposting shit I create. I have a lot of images to mirror and stuff, most of them are just sketches and some are actual finished art. I don't want to make DA crash so by all means check out my FA… To mirror the bio on that site with this one:

"Wʜᴏ ᴘʀᴏᴍɪsᴇs ᴛʜᴇ sᴀɴɪᴛʏ ᴏғ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɢᴏᴅ?"

Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I will be tonight's entertainment. Entertainment that will bring fifty shades of gay and the diary of Anne Fuck to life with a single gesture of my amputated arm. I promise to god it won't cause you any sort of cansur but it could surely cause your balls to grow to a huge size, and then explode. If you are a female, you could also grow balls, and die. Actually, you're gonna die no matter what. Unless you re-post this on seventy five YouTube videos, if you do you will FUCKING DIE if you don't you will FUCKING DIE. It's a very fun game because either way you are fucked.

I am sure at first glance the offensive comedy will make half of you see me as a troll and an asshole. That's exactly what I am, this is the shittiest page on the internet and I am one deranged kid with down syndrome, I'm not even lying. The cops could arrest me for these online hit and runs and my K/D ratio is 23/1 (I accidentally killed myself one time, other than that I am totally 100% pro faze clan material.) To be quite serious, I'm a decent person once you get to know me. It's a matter of talking to me for awhile. Real life wise I have ADHD (not self diagnosed either, I hate it when some stupid fuck self diagnoses) and occasional phases of depression. I work in the veterinary field (and yes I am mature at work, I don't act hyper and make horrible jokes twenty four seven) and I am something of an introvert. In short, my humor is how I keep myself amused and calm. If you don't like how I handle my own mental condition, interaction with me is clearly not for you and I'd advise leaving.

Another thing you should know is that I write stories, I do art -both traditional and digital, I love history (WW2 fanatic) and I also do small comedian acts from time to time at different places. Nothing too serious. My main line of work is being a veterinary technician. I should make it a HUGE warning here and now that I am very thick skinned and hard to offend, and I am not the kind of person you want to get into an argument with because I will most likely win. I am troll proof, and I am seriously protective of my friends, you fuck with them you fuck with me and you WILL regret doing so. There are few things I am intolerant of, and that is attention whoring, being a prick at others who don't deserve it, and animal abuse. Other than that IDGAF.

Now that you have gotten through my small bio, here is a tiny little fancy list of things in a TL;DR listing.

Sarcastic•ADHD•Artist•Protective•Blunt•Thick Skinned and doesn't care•Interested in WW2•Nazi Fetish•

Metal•Industrial•Grunge•Gimme de pussi b0ss•Writer•Likes anime but kinda doesn't (certain series catch my attention•

"Gimme de pussi b0ss I habe cansur.


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